Software Templ Project History

The following list contains some of the highlights of projects carried out by Software Templ OG over the last years.

Java JIT Compiler for a RISC

(1995) The world's first Java JIT (just-in-time) Compiler for a RISC processor was developed within half a person year for a silicon valley company. A JIT Compiler translates Java Byte code at runtime into native machine instructions and allows for execution speed comparable with C or C++ code. The compiler was astonishingly fast, generated good native code and the startup times of 'jitted' programs were almost not increased.


(1997) We have developed a turn-key enterprise solution for the Austrian Fund for Industrial Research (FFF, renamed to FFG meanwhile) in Vienna. The solution covers all aspects of office automation inluding book keeping, reporting and money transfer. It interacts with standard components such as electronic banking software, book keeping software etc. We are still involved in maintaining this solution and adapting it to ever changing requirements. The FFF97-project is based on the BlackBox Component Builder from Oberon microsystems. An article about this project has been published in "The School of Niklaus Wirth" by dpunkt.verlag, Heidelberg.

Java-based Application Server

(2001) We were involved in the design and implementation of a Java-based application server, which constitutes a lean alternative to EJB (Enterprise Java Beans). This application server was developed for a company that has developed a standard E-business product. Many of the requirements that influenced the design of this application server originate from this project and could not be solved using EJB. The mentioned application server is expected to be released under an open source license.

Software Assessments

We were involved in the assessment of offshore and onshore software development companies and evaluated the quality of software products both from an architectural and development processes point of view.

Realtime Programming

(2003) We were involved in the development of programming tools for dependable hard real-time applications, which are used for example in the aircraft and automotive industries.

Various Other Projects

We have been involved in a number of other projects including the compilation of a CD-ROM, book translation and type setting, articles for journals, lectures at the University of Linz and Hagenberg, Java seminars for the industry and process automation projects for GEC Alsthom.

BlackBox 1.7

We are involved in the BlackBox Framework Center and have contributed to the Release 1.7 of the BlackBox Component Builder.

Lecture Notes

The manuscript (in German language) for a lecture on Einführung in Datenbanken delivered in the years 2004 to 2006 at the University of Salzburg, Austria, can be found here. The manuscript is provided for the students that attended the lecture and may be used read only. All other rights are reserved. Feedback about possible mistakes is of course welcome.